Inna Pavlova
3 min readApr 13, 2022

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce you to an interesting project called KurateDAO, which is a blockchain-based, community-curated database for Web3 applications. The database moderators are curators, scouts and viewers. They will decide what information should be added to the database.

So, curators create a database and form rules according to which content will be accepted or rejected. Moreover, curators act as the final adjudicator in accepting or rejecting a row. They are interested in a quality database, as they receive 20% of the amount that viewers pay for viewing the contents of the database. It is also important to understand that any decision made by the curator is recorded in the logchain, which is open for viewing by users and AI bots.

Scouts find and provide content that meets the rules of the database. When their content is included in the database, they will earn tokens in proportion to the number of views. In addition, scouts can earn tokens by accurately predicting the curator’s future decision by placing bets.

As I mentioned above, viewers pay tokens for viewing the database, which first go to the DAO treasury, and then are distributed among the curators (20%), scouts (70%) and the network (10%). Also, as an alternative, viewers can view ads along with the content, and then the tokens generated by the ad go to the treasury.

Moreover, data collection in KurateDAO is carried out through the use of cryptoeconomic games designed to financially encourage participants to contribute useful data for a certain community. That is, for useful content, participants will receive tokens, and for low-quality content, participants will have to pay tokens. Such cryptoeconomic games will allow people who do not know each other to work together to gather an information knowledge base.

Examples of topics here could be music of a certain genre, academic articles on cryptography, NFTs, a curated set of web applications, hardware wallet product reviews, and more.

KurateDAO runs on Ethereum, but multi-grid solutions are planned in the near future. This will use funds in the amount of $6.85 million collected by KurateDAO during their Seed round.

Some of the benefits of a community curated database include:

● Content monetization, which allows you to pay for the work of curators and scouts.

● The immutability of the social contract between stakeholders.

● Extended range of parties involved in content curation.

Many applications can be created using KurateDAO, each of which will rely on the creation of a curated database. Moreover, many Web2 applications can be copied, thanks to KurateDAO, into the Web3 space and will be more democratic, with participants being rewarded with tokens. What’s more, Web3 curation will be available to everyone, allowing many more people to get involved.

It is also important to understand that thanks to KurateDAO, each of the datasets will work as a DAO, controlled by its KurateDAO token.

KurateDAO databases must change over time, for this the curator has the opportunity to burn the line, but not change it.

You can find more detailed information about the project by clicking on the links indicated in the description of this article.

Bye everyone, see you soon!


Website: https://www.kuratedao.xyz/

Whitepaper: https://docs.kuratedao.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KurateDAO

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kurate_dao/

Discord: https://t.co/bVJSUczpMT


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