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Hello friends! I continue to introduce you to the InvArch project, which is not just intellectual property and decentralized development network for Web 3.0, but an intellectual property storage protocol with smart contract functionality for the entire Polkadot ecosystem, allowing people to tokenize their intellectual property through the creation of intellectual property files. These files can be combined into collections or sets, each of which can be associated with interchangeable and programmable intellectual property tokens. Moreover, intellectual property tokens can be used to facilitate access to (linked in sets) intellectual property files, to vote on community governance issues, and much more. That is, the use cases are not defined here, which opens up a lot of opportunities for application developers.

It should be noted that the new year 2022 should be decisive for the InvArch project, since the project has a lot of important events planned for this year, and now I just want to introduce you to some of them, namely technological events.

The InvArch team is currently working hard on their website and it will be available to the community in an updated form very soon. According to the InvArch team, the new website will be more convenient, understandable and attractive for users, and they will be able to easily find all the necessary information there without getting lost in its functionality, and at the same time get aesthetic pleasure from working with it. Along with the website, a new InvArch roadmap will also be released. The team also promises to present a new InvArch whitepaper soon. The delay in publishing the updated whitepaper is attributed by the team to the New Year holidays, and they can be understood, so we will be patient. These updates are very important in light of the latest changes and developments going on in InvArch.

The launch of the InvArch testnet will most likely not happen before mid-February 2022, this delay is due to the development process of SmartIPs, which are intellectual property that owns, creates, and uses other files and sets of intellectual property. More information about this development process will be available when updating the technical documentation.

Turning to the issue of generating $VARCH tokens, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that its date will depend on how quickly the Statemint Parachain upgrades to a permissionless network. Once this happens, the InvArch team will have access to it, as well as the ability to mint $VARCH tokens. This will make the $VARCH token compatible with the entire Polkadot ecosystem. According to the Parity developers, with whom the InvArch team is in close contact, the update should happen shortly.

In general, high hopes are pinned on Statemint Parachain. Perhaps in the future, it will become the standard for minting tokens with interoperability within the entire Polkadot ecosystem since Statemint is a Parachain connected to the Polkadot relay.

Summing up the above, I would like to note that 2022 should indeed be a very important and watershed year for InvArch in many areas, whether it is the launch of the test network or the generation of tokens. Therefore, let’s continue to monitor the project and support it in every possible way at this stage of its development.

That’s all for me, you can find more detailed information about the project by clicking on the links indicated in the description of this article. Bye everyone, see you soon!









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